Friday, July 20, 2012

Outline of my training for the rest of the year

In 2011, I logged 4052KM (2,532miles), with 32 weeks over the 80k/50mile mark, and 10 of those being over the 100K mark. However, with the birth of my son Jimmy in December 2011, and with being increasingly busy at work, my mileage (or, really, my free time to train), has taken a major hit. For much of January to April, my training was minimal, as I learned to scope with the stress of having a colic-y infant.  However tough it was for me, it was even harder for my wonderful wife, but she's also adapted really well to being a Mom.

However, things have started to become a bit easier (knock on wood).  As Jimmy gets older, he's generally getting easier to take care of. Also, since my office moved to Kowloon, it now makes sense for me to run commute, which has long been a dream of mine.

                                          (He's hurt my training, but his cuteness makes up for it!)

To make a long story short, I hope to once again ramp up the miles. Thus, here is my plan for the rest of the year:

July-August -- Do a lot of easy miles, plus one tempo per week, and one speed session. Goal: get comfortable running 50 miles a week again, and do regular 30K long runs.

Late August-September - Focus a bit more on speed, for 5K series and "Magic Mile". Goal: build up some speed and leg turnover before starting the slow slog of a marathon build up.

Sept- Dec-  Go into a marathon build up (most likely for Macau Marathon, Dec 2nd). Build up to around 80-120K/week, and do quality tempos, and limited speed work.

Post marathon -Feb 2013-- Work on long-long runs (30-50K), focus on steps and elevation in preparation for Hong Kong 100.

I hope I can fit this all in while being a good father and husband!

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