Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July mileage

I did 240 KM in July, down from 400 the year before. Nonetheless, it's arguably my best month of running thus far in 2012. Mileage-wise, February and March both beat July, with 294KM and 269KM respectively, but thus total are a bit skewed due to the HK100 in Feb. and the Lantau 50 in March. In other words, as far as regular training months, July has been my most regular in 2012.

Also, today I did a repeat of the tempo at VDOT 51 (20 minutes at 4:11k/6:44 mile, plus another 10 minutes). Overall, I felt great, and am running as fast as ever (or at least it feels that way). My endurance in runs from 2-4 hours is weak compared to the past, but hopefully it will get better as I slowly up the mileage.

I'm also pleased that my wife Rhea had a good, consistent month of training, and she's getting better (and thinner) each week!

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