Monday, October 29, 2012

Lantau 100

This morning when I woke up, I could not have been happier to see that there is going to be a Lantau 100!

Just a week or two ago, I talked with Lantau 50 race director, Clement Dumont, about the possibility of creating a 100 miler, or 50 miler on Lantau. We discussed possible routes, and I mentioned that if I were making a route in Lantau, I'd certainly try to hit the plateau area between Tai O and Kueng Shan, which has beautiful rolling hills that reminds one of the rolling green hills in the northern UK.

Then there is the wonderful mountain bike trail that goes down from the Big Buddha towards Shek Pik, with lots of mossy rocks and strange mushrooms, somewhat the opposite of its sun-soaked sister trail the Nei Lak Shan.

I'm glad it looks like a few of these sections made the cut, and will be in the race.

Overall, I'm really happy for Clement, and it'll be great to have another 100K in Hong Kong. This course will be ridiculously steep, technical, and demanding: probably more challenging that many 100 milers. Clement could not have designed a better route!

I'll go ahead and make a prediction that it'll sell out with 24 hours too!

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