Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week ending 9/23/2012

87km in distance, 10:08 in time, 9,731ft in gain, in 8 runs. Overall one of my best weeks of training in 2012, with the highlight being 14K at faster than goal MP (4:18km, goal of 4:23 pace).

Hopefully I can get in around 10 MP runs before the Macau Marathon. Two done thus far this cycle: one 3 by 5km at GMP (actually did 6.2 for last k), and this 14k one. Trying to get more comfortable there.

Meanwhile, trying to get used to elevation for Lantau 2 Peaks. however, if it's still as hot on race day as it was this week, I'll make an adjustment from treating it as a "B" race to simply doing it very easy to finish.

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